It is our dream to build Software that can be used from any device connected to the internet.

To accomplish that dream, we build state of the art REST based Web APIs that can be used from any devices across the Internet.

Whether you are looking for IoT Infrastructure that allows millions of devices to seamlessly interact with our API, or platforms that allow inter-connectivity between Web Applications, Mobile Applications and Tablets or Kiosks, we have the best underlying framework to accomplish your goals.

IoT HTTP/MQTT API Development

Using our ‘IoT Connect’ platform, we build secure HTTP or MQTT based APIs that allow Internet-connected devices (sensors, embedded devices, smart appliances etc.) to perform sophisticated business functions.

We love Telemetry based applications that track sensor data from millions of devices to the cloud.

Cross Device REST API Development

Using our ‘API Connect’ platform, we build secure REST based HTTP APIs that allow devices like Tablets, Desktops, Laptops or Mobile Phones to easily perform sophisticated business functions without duplicating code.

Our proprietary architecture has been used on very large systems and has been thoroughly tested in the verticals of IoT, Education, Telematics, FinTech, Media and Marketing.

Example of cross device REST API Development to connect Smart cities, phones, tablets, smart homes and your computers to the internet.

Business Automation with Custom API Integrations

In addition to building custom REST APIs, we also perform API integrations with other 3rd party platforms to easily achieve business automation.

We have developed custom solutions that integrate with 3rd party APIs for Fundraising, Payment Processing, Marketing, Machine Learning, Shipping and Delivery, SalesForce, CRM and other critical business functions.

We have also built Zapier Integrations to automate business workflows.