2018 – The Year of React

We’ve said it before, and we are saying it loud and clear. 2018 is going to be the year of React. This amazing library has won the hearts of developers worldwide and will continue to make massive gains in mindshare.

Will it unseat Google’s AngularJS Framework? We really think so.

The fact that React is a library and not a Framework makes it easy to use it with other existing libraries and/or frameworks.

Why are we so optimistic about React?

We are extremely optimistic about React for 2018 and beyond. In fact, after Facebook resolved the React licensing issue, the developer community jumped in with full-confidence in the platform and have never looked back.

Here are things you can do with React:

  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Apps (React Native)
  • IoT Apps -React for IoT 🙂
  • Electron/Desktop Apps with React - Yes!
  • Augmented Reality - Yes? There are talks of Oculus Rift  for AR/VR Development

Developer Satisfaction

Developer satisfaction is at its peak in using React. In the last few projects we have developed with AngularJS, we have noticed our developers walking away extremely dissatisfied. This isn't uncommon. Posts like these confirm the fact that React developers are more satisfied with their choice.

It wasn't until mid-2017 that we started looking into React as a strong alternative to AngularJS (which we had married into) for a large project we had undertaken. We slowly started chipping away the UI to use React components. That's the beauty of React, you can add it to an existing framework and keep slowly plugging away until you've fully converted over.

React also pairs with Redux and allows some amazing state management capabilities really making it easy to build self-contained applications.

Need React JS Developers?

If you’re looking for really skilled React Developers in Southern California (San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles region), look no further. We have trained some of the best and the brightest Web Developers to work with React and technologies like Redux, ES6 etc. Using our Mob-programming approach, we are constantly growing our knowledge base at a pace that is unbeatable.

So if you have a Javascript project that you need React developers for in the San Diego, Orange County or Los Angeles area, do not hesitate to ask us at HyperTrends.

Yes, I Need React Developers Now!