Data Driven Excellence – Turn Your Data Into Your Biggest Asset

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, data is no longer a luxury but a necessity. For modern enterprises aiming to succeed, becoming data-driven is not an option; it’s a requirement Data has long been touted as the new oil. What most folks fail to underscore is that its strategic application in real-time decision-making elevates it to an asset class that can … Read More

Building Trust with Clients through Secure Software Development (OWASP TOP 10)

Anup MarwadiDevelopment, Software

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, software development agencies have a responsibility to ensure that the applications they develop are secure and free of vulnerabilities. In today’s environment where cyberattacks are on the rise. It is essential for businesses to work with development partners that can offer robust and secure software solutions. HyperTrends, a software development agency, leverages its industry … Read More

SaaS On-Boarding Is Important For You – Do Something About It

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Introduction After years of working on SaaS platforms, we have realized that SaaS on-boarding is one of the most critical initiatives you can take on. This article will help you craft better on-boarding experiences for customers. At HyperTrends, we build custom SaaS solutions for B2B and B2C customers. A mentor of ours used to call it the Path-to-Wow. We want … Read More

Successfully Managing Large Software Development Projects

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We at HyperTrends manage some seriously complex projects. Some of our projects span multiple years and across teams in different regions. Here are some of the tips we use to make Software Development easy for us: By following these strategies, you can effectively manage large-scale software projects and deliver high-quality products on time and within budget. Define Clear Goals & … Read More

The Joys of Event Storming

Anup MarwadiProduct Development

Event Storming

Event Storming is a process of RAPIDLY MODELING a COMPLEX SYSTEM. The Problem Statement Do you feel the need to deconstruct complex systems? Do you find it hard to effectively capture the features, the use-cases and scenarios in your systems? Do you find it hard to identify the boundaries between various departments and their sub-systems? Do you find it challenging … Read More

Teams Development – Developer Experience

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Microsoft Teams Development Experience

If you’re looking to build Microsoft Teams Apps, whether they are Tabs, Bots, Message Extensions or Webhooks, Microsoft has done a great job with their documentation. You can find some pretty rad documentation here: You can even find a cool Adaptive Card Designer here: We have built some seriously complex Teams Flows that require custom OAuth integration with … Read More

What do those Availability 9s mean anyways?

Anup MarwadiAWS, Cloud Architecture

Have you ever been responsible for designing highly scalable web applications or SaaS Platforms that cannot have any downtime? Or have you, like us have been involved in DR (Disaster Recovery Planning) for Cloud Platforms? Well, we help Enterprises both large and small with their Cloud Architecture Strategies and it is absolutely important to know a few things when it … Read More

Enabling Sudo/God Mode In SaaS Platforms for elevated permissions

Anup MarwadiIdentity

One of our fellow CTOs asked us a question recently, “Say you’re using a 3rd party Identity Provider for User Account Management and there are operations that require a SUDO/God mode with elevated permissions assertions (maybe via SMS verification or some other form of assertion such as re-entering the password). How do you do it?” This is a very good … Read More

Why you should get rid of home-grown password systems immediately

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While Application Security is a complicated issue and deserves a playbook of its own, software development companies and developers alike should start taking the first steps in the forefront of application security, and that involves, getting RID of homegrown password systems.