What do those Availability 9s mean anyways?

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Have you ever been responsible for designing highly scalable web applications or SaaS Platforms that cannot have any downtime? Or have you, like us have been involved in DR (Disaster Recovery Planning) for Cloud Platforms? Well, we help Enterprises both large and small with their Cloud Architecture Strategies and it is absolutely important to know a few things when it … Read More

Enabling Sudo/God Mode In SaaS Platforms for elevated permissions

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One of our fellow CTOs asked us a question recently, “Say you’re using a 3rd party Identity Provider for User Account Management and there are operations that require a SUDO/God mode with elevated permissions assertions (maybe via SMS verification or some other form of assertion such as re-entering the password). How do you do it?” This is a very good … Read More

Why you should get rid of home-grown password systems immediately

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While Application Security is a complicated issue and deserves a playbook of its own, software development companies and developers alike should start taking the first steps in the forefront of application security, and that involves, getting RID of homegrown password systems.

ASP.NET Core Development Rocks – 2020 Stack Overflow Survey

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ASP.NET Core Development Rocks! The StackOverflow Survey ranks it as one of the most loved frameworks. Even above ReactJs and we totally get it!! At HyperTrends, we perform all of our front-end Web Application Development using ReactJs. However, when it comes to the backend REST APIs, C# and ASP.NET Core take the coveted number 1 spot. We are also heavily … Read More

6 things to consider before you make that NoSQL Decision

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NoSQL Database Development Decision Strategies

Too often, we get customers asking us if they should utilize the popular NoSQL Databases such as MongoDB, Cassandra, DynamoDB etc. for their Custom Software Development needs instead of relational databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, PostGreSQL etc. We always answer the question with, “It depends.” And follow up with another question, “What outcomes are you looking for?” See, we … Read More

Simple Strategies to turbo-charge Agile Velocity in SaaS Platforms

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“Agile Software Development” – the key to getting things done better and faster. Then why is it that we still see many Software Development companies fail to deliver high quality software with great velocity? Having good programmers on the team is just one part of the equation (albeit an important one). In this article, we discuss some of simple strategies … Read More

Data Strategies for SaaS Platforms

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The rapid growth of technology as impacting the very nature of business. Businesses both old and new are grasping to the reality of the sheet amount of data being generated as a result of the rise in usage of technology products. A user that was originally limited to a single device is now using at least 3 devices on an … Read More

Use This Strategy To Build Beautiful User Experiences

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Hey All, For the first time ever, we are disclosing this simple strategy that has helped us craft beautiful user-experiences for all the products we build. This strategy has helped us convert customers faster, it has helped us win quite a few accolades when it comes to user-experience design. This strategy is simply called “The Dynamic Duo Strategy”. The premise … Read More

Client Success Stories – LeadInclusively nabs a spot in the coveted Microsoft Startups Program

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We are extremely excited to announce that LeadInclusively, a startup aimed at educating Enterprises on inclusivity using technology has been accepted into the highly acclaimed Microsoft Startups program. HyperTrends has been working very closely with LeadInclusively to oversee the Product Development & Strategy. Our CEO Anup Marwadi is also a technology advisor for LeadInclusively. Other technology advisors include prominent names … Read More

Be Quick Or Be Dead – The Importance Of Agile

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“Be Quick Or Be Dead” – No, I’m not talking about one of my favorite Iron Maiden song here. I’m talking about building Technology Products. The playbook for building technology products has changed completely. Agility is the name of the game. Whether you’re a startup working out of a garage or you’re an established enterprise with 100s of employees and … Read More