Born Out Of A Need

Formed in the summer of 2006, HyperTrends Global Inc. was created by Anup Marwadi after he noticed Software projects fail due to extremely poor execution strategies. As a developer, Anup was reached out by numerous companies to assist salvaging their failed projects.

Thus was born a boutique Software agency that has since then served customers in the verticals of Education, Healthcare, Finance, Mortgage, Telematics, Event Promotions, LeadGen, Marketing just to name a few.

Executive Summary

HyperTrends CEO - Anup Marwadi

Things I Love: Tech, Music, Art, Travel, Entrepreneurship, Reading, HIIT & Learning.

Favorite Quote:
“Everything that I want is within me.”

Anup Marwadi – CEO

Anup (rhymes with ‘Snoop’) is a rare combination of aesthetics, engineering expertise and entrepreneurship combined. Anup is a Product guy and a Master Architect and has developed over 15 large-scale platforms in numerous verticals.

At the age of 27, Anup led a team of 37 engineers to deliver a large-scale Enterprise Application for Telematics domain and was named the ‘Director of Engineering’. Anup would then go on to form HyperTrends.

An avid musician, writer, photographer and a technology architect, Anup has a innate desire to learn.

A student for life, Anup Marwadi holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science with a thesis in Semantic Web & Ontology from the Univ. of Missouri – Kansas City. He has been twice published in Medical Informatics journals and brings with him immense knowledge and experience of over 18 years in Software & Business Development.

Anup is an Entrepreneur at heart and has led 4 Startups and assisted them in securing funding in excess of $6M in various Seed and Series-A rounds.

Through his Product Strategy coupled with Enterprise Architecture knowledge, he has led HyperTrends customers grow their businesses by 10x and in some cases, facilitated acquisitions with Software being their primary differentiator.

Anup has personally trained over 100 Software Developers from countries like India, China, Costa Rica and USA and is proficient in C++, Java, C#, Python, Go, Javascript, SQL among hundreds of other technologies that he constantly uses when architecting large-scale systems.

Anup is currently engaged in BlockChain initiatives & Enterprise Architecture with Micro-services and the Cloud and regularly speaks and actively writes about these topics on well-known platforms.