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Our Philosophy

These guiding principles are a way of life at HyperTrends Global Inc.TM

Agile Software Development

Be Nimble. Move Fast.

Those that have the means to move faster can respond to changing market needs better.

Software Architecture Services

Top Enterprise Architecture

This is the only way to build truly performant and scalable solutions that grow with your growing needs.

Value Driven Software Development

Value Driven Development

Don't build what doesn't fuel your growth.

Build products that make a dent in the universe.

Technology Product Strategy Consulting

Cultivate A Product Strategy

Give the product a voice and an experience that best resonates with the market you're operating in.

Technology Product Strategy Consulting

Iterate Relentlessly

Continuously measure feedback and iterate to make a good product better.

Technology Product Strategy Consulting


Automate it and you can scale it. This is our "Henry Ford" advantage.

Innovation as a religion

Our innovation strategies directly translate into superior results for you.

You can rely on us to keep you up to speed with the latest innovations

You will leverage our experience of building software in over 11 different verticals like FinTech, Education, Marketing, Lead Generation, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Mortgage just to name a few.

Our code of Kaizen i.e. Continuous Improvement, has been instrumental in our clients' successes and we feel that it will benefit you as well.

- Anup Marwadi, CEO
We became Foundation Escrow’s Trusted Software Advisor

Foundation Escrow leverages HyperTrends’ expertise to enhance their technology offering

We assisted Foundation Escrow in understanding the Mortgage technology landscape and establish their strategies.

Our Offering:

  • Build vs Buy Decisions
  • Business Intelligence
  • Proof-of-Concepts
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Competitive Landscape Studies
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LaCantina Doors leveraged our expertise for over 8 years

LaCantina Doors dominates the door market with its superior software offering

Custom Software Development for San Diego based Manufacturing Company

Acting as LaCantina’s trusted technology advisor for over 8 years, HyperTrends Global Inc.TM transformed their manufacturing process and were highly acclaimed during their acquisition.

We wrote some of the most complex number crunching algorithms and rules to take user data and produce warehouse instructions to build doors and windows.

We built a platform on top of SYSPRO ERP using their API and helped achieve what many considered impossible…and on time!

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Building a winning product in a noisy marketplace

TicketSocket cuts over competition using winning differentiation strategies

Custom Web Application Development for Newport Beach Company

Together with TicketSocket, we crafted a high quality Enterprise offering catered towards Enterprise clients.

We added over 5 different products to the portfolio thereby expanding TicketSocket reach in international markets.

We leveraged cloud technologies to make sure that the sites stayed up whether it was 100 users or 100,000!

It took some serious chops, but hey, you get our experience out of the box.

You define our success

90% or more of our customers have a 3+ year engagement with us.

Software Development for LaCantina Doors
API Development for TicketSocket
Enterprise Software development for NRCCUA
Web, Mobile app development for Spledger
Custom Web Development for Greenhouse Agency
Agile Development and API Services for Entice Us
Mobile app development for Scrapboom
Custom software development for Jacob Tyler
PE Software development for Bainbridge
Angular web development for Career revolution

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