Mind Blowing API Development at 4x the pace

Anup MarwadiAPI


Most people think API Development is a very straight forward task that any ordinary development company can handle.

We think that is a BIG MISTAKE!

The truth is:

Many software agencies are failing to deliver when it comes to building World Class APIs. There are very few agencies that can actually perform rock-solid API Development.

We know, because we’ve spent quite some time fixing broken APIs….or building brand new ones from scratch…

But you’re probably wondering…

How can I as a growing business identify which Software Development Company to choose?

After years of R&D into API Development, Knowledge Sharing/Learning from some industry masters and being in the trenches building APIs with virtually zero downtime, we have identified what it takes…

Lo an behold! We’re sharing this checklist with our readers for free. These are the tools/technologies/methodologies needed to build a world class API (in no particular order):

  • Authentication/Authorization Platform servicing protocols like OAuth, OpenIdConnect etc. Active Directory Integration (if used by Enterprise Users)
  • Logging Platform (semantic if possible)
  • Versioning/Change Support
  • Webhooks Framework
  • Error Handling Framework
  • A Distributed/Micro-Service based architecture that would scale to millions of concurrent requests (Queues, Worker Jobs, CRON Tasks, Actor Systems)
  • CQRS Architecture – Command Query Resource Segregation
  • A Quality API Documentation Framework
  • Multi-Level, Multi-Regional Caching Strategy
  • Event Sourcing/Reactive Architecture
  • Play well with others aka Pluggable Frameworks
  • Real-Time, WebSockets Architecture (if needed)
  • RESTful (a must)
  • Multi-Content Aware
  • Optional compliance to various standards like HIPAA, COPPA depending on the system being built.
  • API Management Tools Integration
  • Security Auditing

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Here’s the kicker:

We are on track to build over 6 extremely large scale APIs (over 2000 API methods) and have amassed some amazing knowledge in this domain.

It gets better:

We have not only identified the best strategies to build world class APIs, but also ways to reduce hosting costs by a significant amount.

Our solution framework is called ‘ApiConnect‘. And we guarantee you that you’ll love it.

We find that customers using our reusable framework and strategies have significantly higher ROI and lower Development Costs. Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of our customers have to say:

“HyperTrends built the Fundraising Framework and API for Spledger. It was the underlying backbone of the system and was used by our Web Apps, Mobile Apps as well as Integration Partners.” – D. C. Wilder, CEO – Spledger


“HyperTrends built a truly multi-lingual (Spanish and English) RESTful API for us that allowed us to use our application in English as well as Spanish. The API connects with Mobile Apps, works with our Strategic Partners like Insurance companies and Labs, and provides us with tremendous growth opportunities.” – J.C. Mejia, CEO – BluAgent.


“Our API is our core strategy. By leveraging our API, we have become a truly Multi-Tenant, White-Labeled Ticketing Framework for our customers. HyperTrends delivers!” – Mark Miller, CEO – TicketSocket Inc.


So if you are looking to perform API Development, this small San Diego Software Development Company can help you get it right! Some of our biggest customers are generating immense revenues using this framework.