We proudly offer various Custom Software Development Services for customers in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles.

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Web Development Services

  • Whether you are a Startup or an Enterprise looking for custom web development, our proprietary Web Architecture stack will give you the best value for your money.

  • Our products have been featured in editorials such as TechCrunch and many of our customers have been accepted in renowned Tech accelerator programs with the products we have developed for them.

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Matt Power – CEO, LaCantina Doors

“HyperTrends was responsible for building the Space Application – a Web App that is virtually the backbone of our entire manufacturing operations and is used by our Sales Reps, Employees and Dealers across the world.”

Mobile App Development

Whether you want to build Native Mobile Apps for iPhone or Android; or build progressive HTML5 apps that run on Mobile Devices across multiple platforms, our ‘Mobile Connect’ program has you covered.

We build state-of-the-art, high performance Mobile Apps that can serve either as prototypes or build App Store quality apps that can scale to thousands of users.

Ken Boyd – Spledger, LLC

“HyperTrends was responsible for building both the Android and the iPhone Mobile Apps for our Spledger Platform.”

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Find out more about our approach for build MVP (Minimum Viable Products), or App Mockups or full-fledged Mobile apps.

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REST API Development

If you are looking for a Custom Software Development Agency to help you with REST API Development for IoT or Web Applications, HyperTrends is your best development partner.

HyperTrends has delivered large scale REST APIs using its premier ‘Api Connect’ Platform. Our APIs use the Micro-Services Architecture, use CQRS method of software development and support the Reactive methodology to build highly scalable platforms.

As with any modern Web Platforms, the success of the platform depends on the underlying framework, and we have delivered high performing APIs to numerous customers.

Mark Miller – TicketSocket Inc.

“HyperTrends built the Enterprise version of the TicketSocket Platform using API-first development and the platform powers majority of our Enterprise customers that are looking for amazing scale.”

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Find out how we can build Elastic Scale APIs that can be hosted on the Cloud using the Micro services Architecture.

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Microsoft Azure Cloud Development

We have empowered SMBs, Startups and large Enterprises to leverage the power of the Microsoft Cloud Platform.

With services like Microsoft Active Directory Integration, Cloud or Mobile Services Development, Azure Service Fabric, Azure Machine Learning and SQL Azure, we have established ourselves as a premier Cloud Development Agency in Southern California.

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