Building A Career & Leadership Guidance Brand For Millennials - A Case Study

Building an immersive digital experience for Web & Mobile Platforms using AngularJS and MongoDB

Career Revolution wanted to create a great experience for millennials who were looking for Career & Leadership guidance

HyperTrends worked with its design partner JacobTyler, a leading design firm in San Diego, to build a Web Platform that would easily on-board customers and allow them to take surveys and view results.

The results were truly exceptional and allowed millennials to truly understand their skill-set and seek 360-degree feedback from their peers and managers.

Responsive iPad layout for a Web Application

By offering honest assessments and anonymous 360-degree feedback, Career Revolution customers were able to grow their skills by seeking further guidance based on offered recommendations

The real challenge was building an experience that would adequately summarize the user's experience of taking the survey and viewing the results in a constructive manner.

Adding an element of anonymity on 360-degree feedback assisted in providing useful insights to survey takers.


Tools & Technologies Used

HyperTrends focused on building the Web Application using an API-first approach using ASP.NET Web API and C#. The backend database was built using MongoDB, a popular NoSQL Database.

MongoDB gave HT the agility it needed to develop the application at a rapid pace and also meet the budgetary constraints.

The front-end Web interface was developed using AngularJS, a premier Javascript based Single Page Application (SPA) technology to allow building a lightweight browsing experience that would work equally well on Desktop and Mobile devices.

The application was deployed on Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform. Emails were sent using the SendGrid platform.

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