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Cross-Platform. Highly Performant. Open Source.

We have been working on the Microsoft .NET Technology since its inception in early 2000.

Over time, we have built hundreds of .NET Applications in C#. With the latest .NET Core Platform, Enterprises and Software companies can easily develop and deliver cross platform applications.

Over 100 Large Scale .NET Applications Delivered

.NET foundation for .NET DevelopersSQL Server DevelopmentMongoDB Development with C#ASP.NET Core DevelopmentVisual StudioVisual StudioMicrosoft Azure Development

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Our .NET Development Expertise

Whether you are building Windows Forms Applications, XAML Applications, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, .NET Core or Azure Applications, we have in-house expertise to deliver high quality software.

Our principals have over 16 years of experience building .NET Solutions and have delivered software for Startups and Enterprises alike.

Windows Forms Development
ASP.NET MVC Core Development
ASP.NET Core Development
ASP.NET Web API Development
Microsoft Azure Development
Microsoft Azure Development
SQL Server Development
SQL Server Development

We have built Microsoft .NET Software for the following verticals:

  • Mortgage Software (Closing Docs, MISMO XML Integrations)
  • FinTech Software (Payment Processing, Expense Management, Private Equity Management Software)
  • Education Software (College Search, Match, Career Guidance, SAT, Scholarships)
  • Telematics Software (Trucking Compliance, Logistics, Video Delivery Solutions)
  • Lead Generation Software (Lead Nurturing, Verification, Translation, Delivery, Resale)
  • Event Management & Ticketing Software
  • Travel/Hospitality Software
  • Manufacturing Software Development (Door Manufacturing Software)
  • Healthcare Software Development (Pharma Provider Systems, HL7 Integrations, CAC Systems)
  • Marketing Integration & Software Development - HubSpot, Marketo, AI Bots and Omni-Channel Marketing Software

Microsoft Azure Development


With Azure, you have complete Enterprise Solutions including Messaging, Azure Active Directory, DDoS Protection, Compliance, TDE (Transparent Data Encryption), SQL Data Warehouse, Hadoop amongst many others.

We are fully equipped to assist you with Azure Development and have deployed almost all of our products to Azure for over 5 years.

  • Cloud Services Development

    Deploy ASP.NET Web Apps and APIs to Cloud Services and achieve infinite scale.

  • Azure Virtual Machines

    Have applications that run on Windows or Linux machines? Azure Virtual Machines can assist and help scale with VM Scale sets.

  • Docker & Kubernetes

    Using Azure Container Service and Kubernetes Orchestration, we allow you to automate and scale your deployment in a matter of seconds

  • Service Fabric

    Achieve infinite scale using Service Fabric’s Actor & Stateful Service modeling paradigm.

Example Web Application – Spledger

Spledger is a performance based fundraising platform developed using ASP.NET MVC, Web API and C#.


C# Development & Training

We have trained Offshore & Near-Shore Teams of over 100 people with C# Best Practices

We do all of our .NET Development using C#. With Microsoft embracing open-source, C# has cemented its position as one of the Top 5 most popular languages in the world.

  • Domain Driven Design (DDD)

    We DDD and you should too. We blog extensively about our DDD methodology and often open-source our own frameworks and libraries.

  • Resharper Verified

    We use Resharper and clean up our code so that all developers follow the exact same guidelines in developing Software.

  • Nuget Packages

    We facilitate Enterprise Software Development by building Nuget Packages. We have amassed IP in numerous verticals including CRM, Lead Gen, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Marketing and Education, just to name a few. We have world-class C# libraries to speed up development.

An example of C# Development using Domain Driven Design

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