Door manufacturing company LaCantina Doors/Jeld-Wen uses HyperTrendsTM to build a custom SYSPRO ERP Integration

A snapshot of the Space Web Application developed by Software Company HyperTrends Global Inc.

LaCantina Doors are built on Custom Specs. The system cannot use pre-configured BOMs like other manufacturing companies.

With support from SYSPRO, HyperTrendsTM personnel designed a strategy of generating dynamic BOMs from an existing Catalog of Parts and Products and ingesting them in SYSPRO ERP using the SYSPRO WCF Web Service.

HyperTrendsTM offered a Microservice based architecture to make this integration more manageable and self-contained.

Over 2400 Stock Codes/Parts in the database

LaCantina Door products are represented with over 2400 Stock Codes. A combination of these parts generates a unique custom-made door.

HyperTrendsTM developed a fully customized BOM Part Manager to map existing Products to SYSPRO Stock codes and built a Product structure editor to manage composition using drag-and-drop functionality.

A custom SYSPRO ERP BOM Structure Editor developed by San Diego based Software company HyperTrends Global Inc.

HT Develops ‘SYSPRO Message Processor’ (SMP) Microservice

HyperTrendsTM developed a SYSPRO Message Processor (a Microservice) developed to integrate dynamic BOMs into SYSPRO.

Custom SYSPRO WCF Wrappers were developed to enhance the existing SYSPRO WCF services.

A raw logger was built to track the SMP export activity and troubleshoot errors and re-queue orders if necessary.

A Microservices based architecture is further solidified by an administration utility to trace system activity.

6500+ Unit Tests validate complex Business Rules

HyperTrendsTM personnel spent 100s of hours writing Unit Tests to ensure BOM integrity. This TDD development approach ensures that the ERP system gets a perfect BOM that can be utilized by the Production Team to build accurate, to-the-spec doors.

Fully Automated SYSPRO ERP Integration Delivered!

HT personnel delivered a fully functional integration with SYSPRO ERP using SYSPRO WCF Services. The WCF services were further enhanced by building a custom SYSPRO WCF Wrapper.

LaCantina’s existing Web Platform was extended by adding a new Microservices Architecture for BOM Validation, Generation and ingestion into SYSPRO.

The system went live in June 2017 and has been successfully processing orders on daily basis.

Tools/Technologies Used

  • Microsoft .NET
  • C#
  • RabbitMQ
  • Microservices Architecture
  • Web API 2.2
  • SQL Server
  • Microsoft Azure