HyperTrends delivers a complex REST API based full White-labeled Event Ticketing Platform for TicketSokcet

Delivering a REST API based platform to support GA Events, Seated Events, Season Events and Multi-Event Packages with Recurring/Calendar Events is no small feat. HyperTrends and its Architecture team delivered the product with a minimal budget!


REST API & Micro-services Architecture

Using a REST API based architecture, HyperTrends was able to devise a Micro-services strategy for the entire platform. The system was split up into Inventory Engine, an Orders Engine, the Events Engine, an Installment Processing Engine, a Payments Engine and a Data Warehouse Processor.

All these sub-components communicate with each other using JWT Tokens. Building all services as API really helped scale operations.

An example showing the SWAGGER REST API for the Events platform.

Software Product Strategy & Development

Developing a White-Label Event Platform was one thing, building it with power-packed features to differentiate from the competition with tight budget constraints was a totally different ball game.

HyperTrends was able to leverage a lot of its core architecture and product strategies to build out a platform that comes with some power-packed features.

An example that shows seated venues created in the TicketSocket system.

Seated Venues

Explore the full power of seated venues. Build Venue sections, rows and seats and power them up with SVGs. This feature enabled TicketSocket to acquire customers that competition couldn't.

HyperTrends was also able to add Season Events & Event Package functionality to really up the ante.

Recurring Events

HT was able to develop one of the most advanced recurring events functionality available in the market.

Users were able to define recurring intervals, override time slot inventory, dynamically turn ON/OFF specific time slots on any given day and limit prices for certain time slots as well.

An example showing the ability to setup recurring events.
An example showing Multi-Language Support in SaaS Platforms


By enabling multi-language support right in the heart of the API, HT was able to provide international customers with the ability to fully customize and white-label the system to meet the needs of their market.

State-of-the-Art Technology

By using a mix of technologies, HyperTrends was able to solve some extremely sophisticated problems that are faced by Event Ticketing providers.

Here is an exhaustive list of technologies used for the TicketSocket platform:

  • ASP.NET Web API - Backed REST APIs
  • Swagger - For REST API Interaction.
  • OAuth/Identity - For API Access using OAuth
  • Redis - For Caching of data
  • MongoDB - For storage of tenant data.
  • SQL Server - For Catalog data storage.
  • Ionic - For Mobile Applications for Ticket Scanning.
  • ElectronJS - For Desktop Applications for the Box Office
  • Akka .NET - For Inventory Management and Micro-services.
  • SQL Data Warehouse - For Data Warehousing and reporting.
  • Azure Storage - Blob Storage and Queues
  • Azure Functions - for Micro-services architecture.
  • AngularJS - For backend Web Application
  • ReactJS - For Checkout Storefront
  • HTML5/Bootstrap
  • Azure Virtual Machine and Cloud Services - For Hosting Akka and Web APIs
  • Azure Key Vault - For multi-tenant data encryption for GDPR and HIPAA compliance.

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