Security Token Registration Using Polymath So Easy, Even A Monkey Could Do It (Video)

Anup MarwadiBlockChainLeave a Comment

Hello Readers,
Here is a quick video I made to show you guys how to quickly add a Ticker Symbol to the Polymath registry for your upcoming Security Token Offering.

If you don’t know what a STO (Security Token Offering) is, you better get ready. Read here, here and here. If you, like me, are an Entrepreneur at heart, this will excite you like no other.

This video assumes you have no knowledge about Smart contracts or Ethereum, but will still get you up and running by registering your own Symbol for the Security Token Offering. Of course, as always, please educate yourselves when dealing with anything Securities related. I wanted to show you how easy Polymath has made it (even for non-developers) to create their own Security Tokens. Polymath is working on a platform that will allow you to do this evenutally. But if you are an early adopter, you’ll love this video.

Here are some links:

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