ASP.NET Core Development Rocks – 2020 Stack Overflow Survey

Anup Marwadi.NET

ASP.NET Core Development Rocks! The StackOverflow Survey ranks it as one of the most loved frameworks. Even above ReactJs and we totally get it!!

At HyperTrends, we perform all of our front-end Web Application Development using ReactJs. However, when it comes to the backend REST APIs, C# and ASP.NET Core take the coveted number 1 spot.

We are also heavily invested in NodeJS Development, Golang Development and Python Development but nothing comes close to giving us the joy when building ASP.NET Core applications. The ecosystem is a pure joy and catered towards Enterprise Application development.

Here is our MOST preferred stack for all Enterprise Software Development:

  • PostGreSQL – Database
  • CosmosDB – High-Performance Mission Critical Data for sub-millisecond reads
  • MongoDB
  • Redis – Caching layer
  • Entity Framework Core
  • Dapper – for highly performant queries
  • MediatR – for all of our pub-sub needs
  • AWS/Azure – Cloud Hosting
  • PowerBI – Core Data Analytics
  • Snowflake – Big Data
  • Hadoop and Hive – Big Data
  • Terraform – IaaC (Infrastructure as a Code)
  • DevOps – Azure (CI/CD) and GitHub Actions
  • Postman, jMeter & Artillery for testing needs
  • Seq, Elastic Search/Kibana for logging needs

With the above tools and technologies, nothing can come close to the bare metal performance that you can achieve to scale your business to millions of users.

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