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Microsoft Teams Development Experience

If you’re looking to build Microsoft Teams Apps, whether they are Tabs, Bots, Message Extensions or Webhooks, Microsoft has done a great job with their documentation. You can find some pretty rad documentation here: You can even find a cool Adaptive Card Designer here: We have built some seriously complex Teams Flows that require custom OAuth integration with … Read More

ASP.NET Core Development Rocks – 2020 Stack Overflow Survey

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ASP.NET Core Development Rocks! The StackOverflow Survey ranks it as one of the most loved frameworks. Even above ReactJs and we totally get it!! At HyperTrends, we perform all of our front-end Web Application Development using ReactJs. However, when it comes to the backend REST APIs, C# and ASP.NET Core take the coveted number 1 spot. We are also heavily … Read More

DDD with MongoDB C#

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Here is a link to our Medium Article Series for DDD with MongoDB and C#. We intend to identify strategies to build and design MongoDB Domain models and persist them using the Repository pattern. We will also touch upon some other related concepts like using these from a REST API etc. so as to help the user understand how these … Read More

SaaSKit – Dependency Injection of Tenants

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A few weeks ago, I started using SaaSKit for an ASP.NET Web API 2.0 based Application. As you know, ASP.NET Web API2.0 doesn’t seem to be supposed by SaaSKit and majority of the articles etc. revolve around the new ASP.NET Core. While this is great, we were working on an application that would take months to migrate over to ASP.NET … Read More