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We specialize in building amazing Enterprise Software, Web Applications, Mobile Apps, Business Intelligence (BI) solutions for Enterprises and Startups in Southern California.


Build state-of-the-art Software Solutions for the inter-connected world using an API-first approach that lets you utilize your Software across multiple platforms and devices.

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Build Web and Mobile Experiences to delight customers! Seamless usage and performance across multiple mobile platforms including Apple iPhones/iPads, Android Phones, Microsoft Surface/Windows Phone/Kinect

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Smart solutions for your Cities, your Homes, your Enterprise and for the connected world. Seamless experiences across physical and virtual spaces.

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HyperGrowth Strategies

Unique Strategies to position your Software to maximize your value-proposition with a planned execution strategy to grow your business rapidly.

More Bang for your Buck

Proven strategies to leverage established standards and practices to deliver quality software in the shortest amount of time. Leverage our vast portfolio across multiple industries to build a quality product that delivers.

More Success for our customers! The HyperTrends Portfolio Grows…

HyperTrends captures the Enterprise, Consumer and IoT markets with its innovative offerings.

HT has always been in a unique position to deliver quality software. With experience building Financial Software, Lead Generation Software, Education Software, Mortgage Software, Manufacturing Software, Telematics Software and assisting numerous high-growth Start-ups, HT has been in a unique position to capture business processes and identify areas that businesses can leverage using homegrown Software combined with integration with other well known services like MailChimp, SendGrid, Stripe, Paypal, SalesForce integrations just to name a few.

And things are just beginning to get more interesting.

We are entering into a world that will become more and more reliant on devices for computing capabilities. In this connected world, companies need to develop Software that adapts to different forms and functions. Using offerings like ApiConnect and IoTConnect, HyperTrends provides an optimum solution for its customers to be prepared for this upcoming hybrid software solutions.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data are here to stay. Cities, Enterprises and Consumers can derive tremendous benefits by using these technologies for key decision making capabilities.

HyperTrends Global Inc’s IoTConnect program initiative provides R&D initiatives into the IoT arena. As a part of its core service offering, HyperTrends already offers customized iBeacon technology solutions for Estimote Beacons, beacons amongst others.

With the large amount of devices comes the overhead of Security and Management. Automation will become a key element for Enterprises and Consumers alike.

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Find out how customers like TicketSocket, Spledger, NRCCUA, LaCantina Doors, Greenhouse Agency and many more have leveraged HyperTrends’ expertise to build Software and Solutions to strategically enhance their Product offerings to their consumer base.

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Education, Lead Generation, Mortgage, Finance, Telematics, Marketing Solutions, Ticketing, Event Promotions, Social Media/Web2.0 are some of the verticals that HyperTrends has designed and developed Software Solutions for.

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Software that is built keeping in mind your needs. Software that is tailored to the needs of your organization. Software that is created by packaging some of the Industry leading solutions to assist in rapid development.

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