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Who We Are

Over 10yrs of building high quality, enterprise grade software for Enterprises, Startups and solo Entrepreneurs alike, this San Diego, CA based Software Development Company is uniquely positioned to build your Web Apps, iPhone Apps, iPad Apps, Windows Apps and Android Apps.

We are HyperTrends Global Inc. and we build Smart Software for the Connected World.

We SCRUM, do you?

We believe in Kaizen – continuous improvement. We believe in delivering value from Day 1. We live and breathe SCRUM. It’s very widely known that we deliver more bang for the buck for our customers, we’ve salvaged previously failed projects and turned them into successes, faster than many could ever imagine. SCRUM is our secret sauce, and our customers love its taste.

Platform First Development

We build platforms. We don’t just build websites, or a phone apps; we build the underlying infrastructure and platforms that are cloud ready and allow our customers to integrate and collaborate with other world-class solutions to derive the biggest bang for their buck.

HyperTrends Labs

Just as we build products for our customers, we build products for ourselves, our community and our world. HyperTrends Labs is a showcase of our successes and propels the Entrepreneurial spirit at HyperTrends by allowing our team to build products and conduct other such experiments. Warning: Things get really geeky in here!

Software Development

Software Development

Over the past 10years, we have developed State-of-the-art Enterprise Grade Software in the following categories:

  • Lead Gen Software
  • Ticketing Software
  • Manufacturing Solutions Software
  • Education Software
  • Mortgage Software
  • Finance Software
  • Social Networking Software

Product Development

Product Development

Using SCRUM based Product development, we strive on building products that offer the highest value to our customers from the start.

Here are some highlights:

  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly Sprints
  • A/B Tested Features
  • Analytics/Customer Metrics
  • In-built Marketing
  • LEAN Product Dev

Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

For a fixed retainer, we work with your team to evaluate your Enterprise and create a Software Strategy that gives you an edge over your competition.

Our Offerings:

  • Product Roadmaps
  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Software Strategy
  • Competitive Analysis
  • KPIs, SLAs

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