CREW San Diego – Unblocking the Blockchain (Commercial Real Estate for Women)

Anup MarwadiBlockChain

Our CEO, Anup Marwadi, will be speaking at the CREW San Diego’s ‘Unblocking the Blockchain’ event @ Tom Ham’s Lighthouse on March 26, 2019. More information on this event can be found here:

Blockchain has some interesting applications in the Commercial Real Estate industry.

The demand for transparency has made commercial real estate property information public. Consumers can check lease rates, property prices, valuations online. While this is great news for consumers, there’s still a massive potential for fraud because this info is often distributed and duplicated across multiple different formats.

Blockchain technology can assist Commercial Real Estate in multiple different ways by:

  • eliminating fragmented listings,
  • reduce paperwork and related overheads,
  • perform financial evaluation,
  • manage lease agreements and due-diligence process.

It also opens up the ability to perform micro-investments using Tokenization. Tokenization is the process of taking a physical asset and converting it into a digital one. This opens up the playing field by allowing faster, and better liquidity.

Tokenization will help both investors and businesses alike. Investors will be able to invest in real-estate using tokens and easily sell assets when needed without significant overheads or delays.

Businesses on the other hand, will be able to make tokenized offerings and open up investment at a micro-level providing opportunities to millions who were previously cut-off due to stringent regulations.

Ukraine and Japan are at the forefront of the distributed ledger systems for real-estate transactions. With governments looking to eliminate bureaucracy and overheads, Blockchain technology offers refreshing alternatives.

Ryo Nomura, the CEO of BitProperty, one of the projects that build real estate tokenization platforms says:

“Real estate developers are excited by the prospects of connecting with a wider, global investor community and by the open possibilities.”

What the future holds?

HyperTrends, a leading SaaS Innovation Agency has invested significant time and efforts in educating consumers on the benefits of Blockchain.

In addition to that, HyperTrends executives are building Blockchain based solutions in numerous different industries. A few technologies like AR/VR, (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality), AI (Artificial Intelligence), Blockchain and IoT (Internet of Things) when combined will create a new era of computing and disrupt existing markets as we know it.

The future, as they say, is golden!

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