Blockchain 101

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Blockchain 101

HyperTrends CEO Anup Marwadi gave a talk on Blockchain Fundamentals, the origins of Blockchain and Bitcoin to a group of highly motivated individuals who are on a bootcamp building a Cryptocurrency and a digital wallet technology.

You can read more about the meetup here:

We’re Building A Crypto Currency! Whaaaaat? – Night 1

Monday, Sep 17, 2018, 5:30 PM

7CTOs, Inc.
2851 Camino Del Rio South San Diego, CA

30 Members Went

This is Night 1 of a 5-week sprint. We’re building a Cryptocurrency, with a supporting blockchain and a digital wallet. This is a pretty ambitious goal, so let’s unpack that a bit. We’ll have to: a. Create a server to manage our custom blockchain. b. Implement our new Cryptocurrency on our blockchain. c. Create a wallet that allows us to transfer o…

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Here is the slideshare. We have a video that will be uploaded soon:

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