Shape Up – A New Book by the folks at Basecamp

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The folks at Basecamp have done it again! Super excited to read their book Shape Up –

I’ve been a fan of Basecamp (or 37 Signals) for quite a while. When I first started HyperTrends, it was very common for me to read through the Basecamp Signal to Noise blog to understand how to build high-quality software.

Over time, their books such as Rework really started shaping up our philosophies when building high quality software products. As time went by, I started venturing out into the Startup world where I built some amazing products. Scrapboom, TicketSocket and BluAgent were all based on many philosophies from Basecamp.

So I wasn’t surprised I was going to love the book when they first dropped it. What blew me away was the articulation of ideas. Over the past few years, as HyperTrends has evolved more into a Product Development company, I’ve realized that I was encountering many of the same issues that Basecamp encounters. We also followed very similar models for software development. What I missed was the intelligence to distill this methodology into a process.

That’s why I love the guys at Basecamp so much. They are thought-leaders, visionaries and poets in their own right.

So, enjoy the book. Leave your thoughts.

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