SaaS On-Boarding Is Important For You – Do Something About It

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Introduction After years of working on SaaS platforms, we have realized that SaaS on-boarding is one of the most critical initiatives you can take on. This article will help you craft better on-boarding experiences for customers. At HyperTrends, we build custom SaaS solutions for B2B and B2C customers. A mentor of ours used to call it the Path-to-Wow. We want … Read More

Simple Strategies to turbo-charge Agile Velocity in SaaS Platforms

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“Agile Software Development” – the key to getting things done better and faster. Then why is it that we still see many Software Development companies fail to deliver high quality software with great velocity? Having good programmers on the team is just one part of the equation (albeit an important one). In this article, we discuss some of simple strategies … Read More

Client Success Stories – LeadInclusively nabs a spot in the coveted Microsoft Startups Program

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We are extremely excited to announce that LeadInclusively, a startup aimed at educating Enterprises on inclusivity using technology has been accepted into the highly acclaimed Microsoft Startups program. HyperTrends has been working very closely with LeadInclusively to oversee the Product Development & Strategy. Our CEO Anup Marwadi is also a technology advisor for LeadInclusively. Other technology advisors include prominent names … Read More

Be Quick Or Be Dead – The Importance Of Agile

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“Be Quick Or Be Dead” – No, I’m not talking about one of my favorite Iron Maiden song here. I’m talking about building Technology Products. The playbook for building technology products has changed completely. Agility is the name of the game. Whether you’re a startup working out of a garage or you’re an established enterprise with 100s of employees and … Read More

SaaS Strategies – Build Dashboards

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I was recently working with a Startup that has a very promising upcoming product. In reviewing their product strategies, I realized a glaring omission in the overall strategy. I did not see any reporting metrics, KPI dashboards, charts/graphs, tiles or anything of that nature. It really bothered me. When was the last time you saw a SaaS Product without any … Read More

Shape Up – A New Book by the folks at Basecamp

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The folks at Basecamp have done it again! Super excited to read their book Shape Up – I’ve been a fan of Basecamp (or 37 Signals) for quite a while. When I first started HyperTrends, it was very common for me to read through the Basecamp Signal to Noise blog to understand how to build high-quality software. Over time, … Read More

I Have A Product Idea. Can You Help Me Build A Product?

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Running a custom Software Development Agency is a blessing in disguise. Running a custom Software Development Agency is a blessing in disguise. We hear many amazing product ideas on a daily basis. The potential of these ideas changing the world is amazing. It is so common for us to find entrepreneurs with some unique ideas on a near daily basis. … Read More