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Hey All, For the first time ever, we are disclosing this simple strategy that has helped us craft beautiful user-experiences for all the products we build.

This strategy has helped us convert customers faster, it has helped us win quite a few accolades when it comes to user-experience design.

This strategy is simply called “The Dynamic Duo Strategy”. The premise of the strategy is EASY.

Every application has 2 distinct archetypes of users viz. the BEGINNER and the MASTER.

The BEGINNER needs a lot of guidance and hand-holding when they are using your application. They may not understand your application that well. They may be new to using technology in general. Your job involves making sure that the beginner gets taken care of really well when they are using the application. This may involve:

  • Providing User-Friendly Tooltips and messages
  • Providing guided tutorials and videos
  • Providing wizard style approaches to build complex flows
  • Providing in-app customer support to help them troubleshoot

The MASTER, on the other hand, wants you to get out of the way as soon as possible. They have been there and done that. They have used every possible system you can imagine. They have a certain expectation when they use your app and if you do not meet their expectations, you’re going to make it harder for them to come back to your app.

Things that you can do to help masters make their work easier:

  • Give them keyboard shortcuts
  • Give them ability to clone items so they don’t have to start from scratch each time
  • Give them the ability to jump to their task as early as possible
  • Give them things like auto-complete, drag and drop etc. so that they can move faster.

So, when you build your app, make sure that you service both these type of users. If you do that, everyone in the middle of the spectrum is automatically taken care of.

Here’s a quick video our CEO, Anup Marwadi made to help you:

“Dynamic Duo” Strategy

So there you go! Let us know your thoughts and we will be happy to discuss this more! HyperTrends is a SaaS/Software Development Agency based out of San Diego, CA and services customers all over the United States. We have built high-performance SaaS Platforms in over 13 different verticals and continue delivering high-quality experiences for our customers.

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