Building Trust with Clients through Secure Software Development (OWASP TOP 10)

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As the world becomes increasingly digitized, software development agencies have a responsibility to ensure that the applications they develop are secure and free of vulnerabilities. In today’s environment where cyberattacks are on the rise. It is essential for businesses to work with development partners that can offer robust and secure software solutions. HyperTrends, a software development agency, leverages its industry … Read More

6 things to consider before you make that NoSQL Decision

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NoSQL Database Development Decision Strategies

Too often, we get customers asking us if they should utilize the popular NoSQL Databases such as MongoDB, Cassandra, DynamoDB etc. for their Custom Software Development needs instead of relational databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, PostGreSQL etc. We always answer the question with, “It depends.” And follow up with another question, “What outcomes are you looking for?” See, we … Read More