Building Trust with Clients through Secure Software Development (OWASP TOP 10)

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As the world becomes increasingly digitized, software development agencies have a responsibility to ensure that the applications they develop are secure and free of vulnerabilities. In today’s environment where cyberattacks are on the rise. It is essential for businesses to work with development partners that can offer robust and secure software solutions. HyperTrends, a software development agency, leverages its industry … Read More

Successfully Managing Large Software Development Projects

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We at HyperTrends manage some seriously complex projects. Some of our projects span multiple years and across teams in different regions. Here are some of the tips we use to make Software Development easy for us: By following these strategies, you can effectively manage large-scale software projects and deliver high-quality products on time and within budget. Define Clear Goals & … Read More

Should I Use Offshore Development for my Software Needs?

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We often get this question from prospective clients as well as existing customers that are using local talent. We understand the economies of scale and respect company budgets and work collaboratively with our partners to work within these constraints. Just because you’re using local software developers doesn’t mean you’ll get high quality software. At the same time,  just because you … Read More

The Amazing Discovery Process When Building Software

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If you’re a client looking to build high quality Software, you should read this. Majority of our clients will call us and want to start developing Software as soon as possible. While we understand that time is of the utmost importance, allow us to help you understand why an initial discovery process can be so effective when on-boarding a client. … Read More

DIDI Software Development Process

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DIDI (Discover-Ideate-Develop-Iterate) is our name for our SCRUM Development process that we have effectively used to build high-quality Software for over 13 years now. – Anup Marwadi, CEO – HyperTrends Global Inc. We follow an Agile Model of Software Development to rapidly iterate and deliver the highest quality software. More specifically, we follow the SCRUM approach of building a Product … Read More

What Is Technical Debt?

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Technical Debt is a term in Software Development that measures the costs of building something by choosing a hack/easy-fix in building software than using an approach of properly designing the software because it would take longer to release. Technical Debt has become commonplace in majority of the tech teams that work in Agile because teams are not given many opportunities … Read More

What Is Your Software Development Process?

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A true mark of a good Software Development Agency is the ability to deliver high quality software backed by a rock-solid Software Development process. While majority of the agencies have solid development processes (in theory), things start falling apart when these agencies either: a) bow under the pressure of the client (we’ve been there before), or b) try to do … Read More