Developer Productivity Rules

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Let’s face it, it is REALLY HARD to keep up with the technological advancements in our industry. The amount of information being thrown at developers has grown at a pace that leaves most developers struggling to keep up. The moment you absorb one technology, three more are thrown at you. So the real question here is, How does one keep … Read More

Localization as a Service using Locize

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Continuous Localization As A Service

Localization is a way of presenting content to users in the locale of their choice. Using Localization, one can present content in multiple languages, currency formats etc. to facilitate application use. Imagine building a Web Application that will be used by users in many countries. It is important to make a list of all the Static Text Content (such as … Read More

Redis Performance Guidelines – Part 1

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Redis is an amazing, in-memory, data structure store that is used by many large applications as an underlying data store as well as a high performance Cache. Redis is a single threaded client, which means only one request can be processed at a time. To facilitate better Redis development, there are several important items we need to consider: 1. Don’t … Read More

How We Used Akka.Net to process thousands of installments instantly

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Akka.Net is a toolkit to build highly distributed, event driven applications using .NET. Originally written for Java/Scala, this community managed project for .NET is not just a top-notch port, but a great source code reference to those who want to learn the art of writing high quality code. We were required to write a Software that allowed users to make … Read More

SaaSKit – Dependency Injection of Tenants

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A few weeks ago, I started using SaaSKit for an ASP.NET Web API 2.0 based Application. As you know, ASP.NET Web API2.0 doesn’t seem to be supposed by SaaSKit and majority of the articles etc. revolve around the new ASP.NET Core. While this is great, we were working on an application that would take months to migrate over to ASP.NET … Read More

Our Azure Stack Of Love

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Cloud Development Services - San Diego, Orange County

Microsoft Azure has taken great strides in offering high quality, Enterprise-grade solutions for building Cloud-based applications from the ground-up. We at HyperTrends have been privileged to work with Azure for over 5 years now and have identified the various components that will make your application a first-class Cloud citizen. That’s right! Read on to see how this little San Diego … Read More

Evolution into DDD – An Introduction

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Over the last few years, we’ve run into scenarios that have led us down into a deep exploration phase on some of the “so-called” best practices in building quality software. We have diligently followed the best practices as recommended by Microsoft and other giants only to find serious shortcomings when applications get massive. As we started going down the rabbit … Read More

Unit Test Assertions made easy using Shouldly

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Shouldly Example in Unit Tests for C#

Assertions in Unit Testing are often cumbersome to write. Majority of our TDD code is full of Assertions to ensure that Unit Tests meet the criteria specified in the business rules. Here’s a typical example of a Unit Test using good ol’ Assert. If you think this is boring, you’re not alone. Not only is it cumbersome, it doesn’t flow … Read More

Introduction – How to write clean code?

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One of the biggest challenges in Software development is the practice of writing clean code. Writing clean code is like having great sex, you will not know anything about it until you’ve personally experienced it. There, we said it! The sad state of the industry is that there’s no pragmatic guide to writing clean code. Clean Code mastery¬†comes through tremendous … Read More