DIDI Software Development Process

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DIDI (Discover-Ideate-Develop-Iterate) is our name for our SCRUM Development process that we have effectively used to build high-quality Software for over 13 years now. – Anup Marwadi, CEO – HyperTrends Global Inc. We follow an Agile Model of Software Development to rapidly iterate and deliver the highest quality software. More specifically, we follow the SCRUM approach of building a Product … Read More

What Is Technical Debt?

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Technical Debt is a term in Software Development that measures the costs of building something by choosing a hack/easy-fix in building software than using an approach of properly designing the software because it would take longer to release. Technical Debt has become commonplace in majority of the tech teams that work in Agile because teams are not given many opportunities … Read More

I Have A Product Idea. Can You Help Me Build A Product?

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Running a custom Software Development Agency is a blessing in disguise. Running a custom Software Development Agency is a blessing in disguise. We hear many amazing product ideas on a daily basis. The potential of these ideas changing the world is amazing. It is so common for us to find entrepreneurs with some unique ideas on a near daily basis. … Read More

What Is Your Software Development Process?

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A true mark of a good Software Development Agency is the ability to deliver high quality software backed by a rock-solid Software Development process. While majority of the agencies have solid development processes (in theory), things start falling apart when these agencies either: a) bow under the pressure of the client (we’ve been there before), or b) try to do … Read More

Self Sovereign Identities using Blockchain

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HyperTrends CEO Anup Marwadi had the honor of presenting on Self Sovereign Identities using Blockchain at a 7CTOs event addressing some of the top tech minds in San Diego. The folks at 7CTOs were gracious enough to make the presentation public. We have previously written about Self-Sovereign Identities here and here. Enjoy the presentation here:

The Case for Decentralized Blockchain Identity

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What does Identity mean to you?

What does Identity mean to you? Hint: It depends on the context you are looking at the identity in. Different people have different meanings for identity. For a Bank, Identity might be your Account Number and your Social Security Number. For the SEC, it might be anything that validates KYC. For Hospitals, it is your Healthcare record For you favorite … Read More

Blockchain Use Case – Transportation Logistics

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At HyperTrends, we have been exploring Blockchain opportunities for quite a while. Our CEO, Anup Marwadi was a founding CTO of a Trucking Compliance startup BluAgent a few years ago. It is through that startup that he wished to apply the power of Blockchain to build unique solutions for the transportation industry.When that startup didn’t pan out as expected, Anup … Read More

DDD with MongoDB C#

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Here is a link to our Medium Article Series for DDD with MongoDB and C#. We intend to identify strategies to build and design MongoDB Domain models and persist them using the Repository pattern. We will also touch upon some other related concepts like using these from a REST API etc. so as to help the user understand how these … Read More