DateAdd functionality in MongoDB

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When developers build systems that service users in multiple timezones, reporting needs to take into account the tenant’s time zone to accurately produce data in the tenant’s time zone. As developers, the safest bet involves storing dates in UTC format. If they are not stored in UTC (for legitimate reasons I won’t get in here), then we make sure we have … Read More

HyperTrends performs a massive Mongo Rewrite to accommodate new C# Driver

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Mongo Aggregation Pipeline Example

HyperTrends, a leading Software Development Agency in San Diego servicing customers all over Southern California just finished performing a massive upgrade to rewrite all MongoDB code to work with the new C# Driver. The old MongoDB/C# driver did not provide an async operations either. The new driver provided improvements over almost all aspects of MongoDB. It took HT about 300 … Read More

Why Atlassian Buying Trello is great news for Developers

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Why Atlassian buying Trello is great news for Developers… [Cross-Posted from Anup Marwadi’s Medium Blog] As I was sipping on my cup of warm lemon/honey/turmeric water this morning, I casually navigated to TechCrunch where I learned that Trello was being bought by…wait for it — Atlassian. I must admit that I didn’t see that one coming. I still think this is great … Read More

Mind Blowing API Development at 4x the pace

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Look: Most people think API Development is a very straight forward task that any ordinary development company can handle. We think that is a BIG MISTAKE! The truth is: Many software agencies are failing to deliver when it comes to building World Class APIs. There are very few agencies that can actually perform rock-solid API Development. We know, because we’ve spent quite some … Read More

Software Development Company Engagement Models

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A Typical Day In The Life Of A Software Development Company You signed a big contract with your customers. You bid on a great set of requirements that you and your customers mutually agreed upon. You spent a week identifying all functional elements you thought you would add to the system you are about to build. You did this at … Read More

Dashboards For Business Growth

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Dashboard Metrics for Business Strategy

Businesses can quantify their progress using Dashboards. Dashboards are a no-nonsense way of painting the most accurate picture for your business. Many businesses launch their products/MVPs by making the mistake of launching without Dashboards. At the most elementary level, each business should have a Dashboard that identifies their KPI and other key metrics in a clear fashion. We at HyperTrends strongly believe … Read More

How Well Do You Know Your Customer?

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Because not being able to answer this question implies that you’re building a bad product, or even worse, an unsuccessful business. Over the past few years, we’ve made tremendous changes in the way we build software. A large factor driving this change was direct feedback from our customers. Once we started gathering feedback, we started connecting the little dots to … Read More